Liber Resh in Spanish

On this occasion Frater A.A.S.V.E. he recites the Liber Resh vel Helios Svb Figvra CC, in his version for the Northern Hemisphere and for the Southern Hemisphere, one of the daily practices that the Aspirant performs in the form of solar worship. As is well known by the practitioners, originally in the invocations he says:…

Something new begins

With the enthusiasm and commitment that characterizes us in everything we do, we bring a new project, a project that has been brewing for years, when being practically teenagers we dreamed of having an esoteric store and offering quality products for such purposes. During all that time we have been dedicated to leather crafts, polyclay…

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We bind traditionally and completely by hand, from sheet bending, stitching, the press, to the engraving and gilding of the premium leather covers that we use in all our work.