We make personalized magick diaries, covers to protect your books and we also bind printed material (always respecting copyright) at the request of the client, all in premium leather. We bind traditionally and completely by hand, from sheet bending, stitching, the press, to the engraving and gilding of the premium leather covers that we use in all our work.

We have 3 basic customizable eligible formats to work on your design, all of which include an engraving for the cover. We work with custom projects too. The prices are as follows (shipping costs and 5% PayPal commission would have to be added:

  1. Ptah Diary: Size 16.5cm x 12cm, 120 sheets – € 45
  2. Avalon Journal: Size 21cm x 14.5cm, 120 sheets – € 65
  3. Vishnu Journal: Size 21cm x 14.5cm, 144 sheets with gold edges – € 93

To order one, simply fill out the following form, choose the format and describe the idea you have (color, engraving design, etc.) and we will get in touch as quickly as possible.