As for magical costumes, not everything is robes and there are practitioners who feel more comfortable with another type of garment. Here we present our handmade and bespoke capes, with a very attractive medieval touch especially designed for pagan, wicca and witchcraft practitioners.

Our base cloaks are made of Twill (Cotton, elastane and polyester), the same that we use for our tunics. Why did we choose this material? Very simple: the durability of the fibers and the color, the drape of the fabric, allows it to be ironed although it practically does not wrinkle and it can be washed in a washing machine (30º C). They are sufficient reasons to choose this kind of fabric, whose characteristics do not disappoint in the face of an exhaustive use of clothing. We also offer other materials such as velvet, silk, wool and cotton. They are fully customizable, both the front closure, the bias, decorative details, embroidery … You can consult us without obligation in the form below and we will be happy to advise you.

As with robes, it is very difficult to give prices, because our cloaks are fully customizable in design, decoration, materials, etc. Our base cloaks have a starting price of € 160 that will vary with respect to the material, embroidery and other characteristics that the client chooses.