In general in all magical paths, but particularly in Ceremonial Magic, an equipped altar is of vital importance to contain all the elements and tools that the Practitioner will use during his rituals.

Although this section will be expanded, we present our embroidered Goblet Covers. Specifically, these Chalic Covers are a limited edition created for Frater Orpheus with the fabric that covered the Altar of the 418 Lodge of the OTO that was originally found in the basement of Soror Meral’s house, a fabric with more than 30 years and that was offered to Priestesses of the EGC to raise funds and furnish the new 418 Lodge in Sacramento. We make Goblet Covers and embroidered rugs according to the specifications that meet your needs.

We also make laser engraved Coasters and Pentacles in both leather and wood. We can engrave the symbol you need to fit the path you are part of or the practices you carry out.