Aly Moon Magick Crafts

First quality artisan products, which meet the demands of magickal and esoteric work, where the main thing is customer satisfaction and facilitating access to personalized products tailored to the customer and their needs.


We make personalized magick journals, covers to protect your books and we also bind printed material (always respecting copyright) at the customer’s request, all in premium leather. We have several types of pre-bound diaries, where you can customize the cover in color, engravings, etc. We also work on request in other sizes. In this gallery you will find all the information about it and the corresponding contact form.
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A.·.A.·. Robe


The Robe is that which conceals, and which protects the Magician from the elements; it is the silence and secrecy with which he works, the hiding of himself in the occult life of Magick and Meditation” with this words Aleister Crowley details the function of the Robe in his famous “Book 4”. We design and manufacture our robes according to your needs and path, but we specialize in tunics from the A.·.A.·. In this gallery you will find the information about it and the corresponding contact form.
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We have embroidered regalia mainly for the use of the A.· .A.·., But we make any type of embroidered patch for any magical and esoteric path. We use premium yarns for a spectacular finish. In this gallery you will find all the information about it and the corresponding contact form.
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Magick Cloaks

Here we present our handmade and bespoke cloaks, with a very attractive medieval touch especially designed for pagan, wicca and witchcraft practitioners. These are light garments that allow exceptional comfort and mobility, warm and resistant to the passage of time. In the following gallery you will find the information and the contact form.
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Calyx Cover

Altar Stuff

In general in all magical paths, but particularly in Ceremonial Magick, an equipped altar is of vital importance to contain all the elements and tools that the Practitioner will use during his rituals. We make Calyx Covers and embroidered rugs according to the specifications that meet your needs. We also make laser engraved Coasters and Pentacles in both leather and wood. In this gallery you will find the information about it and the corresponding contact form.
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What is Aly Moon Magick Crafts

Artisanal and first quality production

Our history begins many years ago with the Aly Moon Art-Work project, where we dedicate ourselves to leather crafts, polyclay and illustration. A lifetime of interest in esoteric paths led us to make bindings intended primarily for magical use. Due to the interest of the public and the need to offer quality products focused on the esoteric world, we plan to diversify this type of crafts in order to make it easier for those interested in the subject to find and separate it from our usual products that have little to do with it. It was then that we decided to launch Aly Moon Magick Crafts.
About us

The Team

Lobo Vetton frontal

Lobo Vetton, Frater A.A.S.V.E.

Co-Founder, web designer, craftsman
Interested in esotericism and occultism as a child, he has studied various paths, including traditional Witchcraft, Sufism, and Chaos Magick. As a self-taught craftsman and designer, he began working with leather in 2009, forming Aly Moon Art-Works, where he works with his partner Aly Moon. In 2017, Lobo adopted the Law of Thelema and decided to start making quality artisan products dedicated to the world of the occult, Aly Moon Magick Crafts was born.
Aly Moon Poison

Aly Moon

Co-Founder, designer and craftswoman
Self-taught multidisciplinary artist. From a very young age, she became interested in magick, esotericism, tarot and the paranormal. Illustrator with her own style, modeler and great leather craftswoman, her stage name gives name to the project that began as an illustration blog. She brings to the team the traditional skill of binding books by hand, and is the artist behind our magickal diaries, which is why Aly Moon Magick Crafts is created.

What makes us different



We use premium quality materials. The whole process is artisanal taking care that the product adjusts to the specific needs of the client and their full satisfaction.



Our robes are tailored to the client, and our products are customizable, to satisfy the wishes of each client and the demands of their work.



From the budget, the design process, resolution of doubts and follow-up of the shipment, communication is close and fluid, we care about your full satisfaction.



We value people beyond the transaction, our goal is complicity and trust with our clients, hence whoever acquires something of ours, repeats.


Marc Simon (Germany)
Regular costumer

Fantastic and unique Shop!!! Very friendly and Fraternal service!!! Top Quality Crafts!!!! A must for all Adepts of the Occult!!!

Frater Orpheus (U.S.)
Regular customer and collaborator

I have spent a considerable amount of time working with Aly Moon Magick recreating all the robes and regalia needed by all the various Thelemic groups out there. Lobo does first rate work and was the artist behind the Soror Meral palls released a couple of months ago. He makes custom hoods and robes wherein you can get anything you want directly embroidered. Top notch work at very fair prices. He has earned my full confidence – If you need any of this sort of work – trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Aldara (Peru)
Regular customer

I am grateful, they have embodied the idea I had and made my dream come true… I am happy with the work they did for me.

Lun Bea (Spain)
Regular customer

Excellent work. Very good quality, formality. I am very happy with the treatment they have given me and with the product delivered. Thanks for everything.

Soror Amiana (U.S.)
Regular customer

I am very impressed with the craftsmanship of the robe that I received. It fits me perfectly, the embroidery is beautiful and the fabric is of great quality. Your service is highly recommended!

Nicholas Cangiano (U.S.)
Regular customer

Great robe. The material is of good quality and fits well, very comfortable. The measurements were made correctly. I would also like to add that I have never had wrinkle problems with this material. I definitely suggest buying from them.

Frater Ego Solus (U.S.)
Regular customer

Couldn’t be any happier with my magical diary. Very high quality diary, and also very customizable. The folks here are very responsive and truly believe in their work. I trust them with my business for any other magical item I need, as they offer a lot more items for the use of the magician. Appointed to the directions given by Aleister himself. I thank you again, 93!

Contact us

We want to create for you

If you do not find exactly what you want among our products, you can contact us and tell us what your project is and so we can see its viability, prepare a budget and resolve any doubts you may have.


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