Astrum Argenteum

This website is the product of a collaborative effort in service of the A∴A∴. Our goal is to provide historical information and resources regarding our honorable Order. Here you can also find Links to different lineages, etc.


Project that transfer open formats into the magical sphere, creating an environment in which to focus on Art, evolving according to current issues such as copyright, identity, and the opening of sources of knowledge.

Frater 273

Dusan Trajkovic’s blog dedicated to Thelema, Magick and Mysticism. The place where he shares his writings, books, practice records, … based on his 20 years of experience working with the A.’. A.’. system.

Liber Oz Project

The Liber OZ Project is a site dedicated to the enactment of Liber LXXVII, the “Rights of Man” written by Aleister Crowley in 1941. They provide a growing catalog of publications and translations.

Ancient Artefacts

In this store, you can order all kinds of magical items that Frater Parusha makes. Each piece is unique. Mainly pentacles, pendants and stamps. Their goal is to make sure you have an item that is valuable to you.

Alchemy Parusha

Practitioner for 20 years and involved in alchemy for more than a decade, in this blog Frater Parusha publishes all kinds of topics related to Alchemy or the Great Work. Post personal experiments and ideas.

Stele of Revealing by Lucy Moore

In this store, Lucy Moore shows us her fantastic Steals of Revealing made entirely by hand. You can also buy magnificent paintings by this artist Thelemite from the USA, crystals, quartz and other products.